OBS Mailing List Summary, Week 12

Here is a summary of activity on the opensuse-buildservice mailing list during week 12:


Matwey is trying to build locally using lxc as a VM.

  • Adrian confirmed that the lxc support in the build script is not working at the moment. Please use kvm, instead, if you are looking for a secure build.


Matthew has created a new project with two subprojects. One of the subprojects requires the other subproject as a build dependency. To represent this in the spec file, he is using BuildRequires: lmdb, but the build fails because it cannot find lmdb.

  • The solution is to use lmdb-devel instead.


In this thread, Damian writes that he can trigger a rebuild manually using osc token --trigger but cannot get it to automate via github.

  • Coolo looked in the OBS logs and confirmed that github did not try to connect at the times in question. Since others are using a similar setup to trigger update events via github, the problem is most likely in Damian’s configuration.
  • Damian found the issue – he forgot to remove the quote characters from the token. These are required by osc but illegal on github.


This thread explores why a package could build fine and then enter into an “unresolvable” state after generating the package and package repo.

  • In this case, the user was attempting to build an incompatible version of openssl. This would replace the system openssl package with one with a different major version. As a result, libssh2 will no longer find its dependency. He should use the distribution-supplied version.


Darin reports that he created a _link for the R language in server:database:postgresql and set it to only build/publish for SLES. It built successfully, but is not publishing to the repo.

  • Andreas noted that the SLE_11_SP3 repository is still building. Publishing doesn’t start until all packages are built.