OBS Mailing List Summary, Week 09

Here is a summary of activity on the opensuse-buildservice mailing list during week 09:


Robin changed his OBS username, but his projects are still associated with the old username.

  • Adrian replied that he should use osc copypac to copy the projects to the new user. When that is done, Adrian can remove the old projects.


In the EXE package format thread, Jan Engelhardt writes that the Build Service comparison wiki page claims that OBS supports – even if only experimentally – the “exe” package format, yet grepping for zip\b or exe\b in the files of build.rpm does not yield any hint towards zip/exe generation. Using mingw works to generate the exe file, but it is buried in an RPM file.

  • Adrian responded that there is no such support in build, but one could add it via a hook using /usr/lib/build/checks/$script mechanism. This could extract the exe file and store it as seperate build result in OTHER directory.
  • A lively discussion ensued


Dominique wrote that he has been seeing an accumulation of failed builds, all related to kernel crashes. A rebuild of the package generally clears the issue.

  • Adrian responded that the udev package appears to be triggering a bug in the Factory xen kernel. So, this is actually a problem inside of factory. It looks like the kvm kernel is not affected, so this is the reason why you see this only sometimes. Dominique should create a bug report for the kernel team.
  • Dominique did the needful (bnc#865554), and Coolo disabled use of the Factory kernel until the problem is resolved.


Andreas Baumann likes to set, e.g., Release: %%{?dist}.<CI_CNT>.<B_CNT> using osc meta prjconf and would like to do something similar for Debian, i.e., patching the ‘Version’ setting in the dsc file and the first entry of the ‘debian/changelog’, as well as for ArchLinux – there he would like to patch the ‘pkgver’ variable in PKGBUILD. Also, it looks like Debian packages whose content changes, but not their filename, are not being re-published.

  • Martin Koegler: To update the version in the dsc, you proably need the source services. Also, the version in the changelog is only synced if debtransform is used (debian.changelog file is part of the sources).