OBS Mailing List Summary, Week 49

Here is a summary of activity on the opensuse-buildservice mailing list during week 49:


Fritz Elfert consulted the list about dependency problems he ran into when Fedora changed the name of the libjpeg package to libjpeg-turbo between F18 and F19.

  • Answer: in the ensuing discussion it came to light that Fritz already had a libjpeg-turbo package in his home project providing binaries for Fedora 19. Fritz thought perhaps he was too slow disabling the build when he added the F19 repo, but disabling the build is not the answer: one must call wipebinaries manually in such a case.

Note: use osc ls -b to list binaries on the server.


Greg Freemyer asked what is a good way to drop a package from Factory, while leaving the corresponding devel package intact?

  • Answer: first do osc detachbranch, then osc dr openSUSE:Factory/foobaz


Ladislav Slezak reported an issue his team ran across. They are using Jenkins CI to automatically submit packages to their OBS project every time a developer commits a change to their Git repo (provided the test suite passes). This works fine, as long as nobody tries to use OBS to modify a package directly – these changes are lost (overwritten) by the next Git commit.

  • Answer: You can set the OBS:RejectRequests attribute in your project. And add some helpful text in the first value as a message to the users.

Note: there is a glitch in the web UI where you can set the value, but attempts to edit it result in an error. A patch to fix the issue will be welcomed.


Kyrill Detinov wrote to the list about a missing obs-service-format_spec_file when he tries to commit changes to a devel project in OBS.

  • Answer: spec-cleaner broke obs-service-format_spec_file and it needs to be reinstalled by doing zypper in -f obs-service-format_spec_file – unfortunately, the current version of zypper does not detect or prevent file conflicts. However, Michael Andres did a Hackweek project to address this, so a fix is on the way.


Darin Perusich has a number of binary RPMs that he got directly from a vendor. Is there a way to publish them on his local OBS?

  • Answer: build a something.spec which just copies the binary rpms to the build result folder. So it will look for OBS like they are build results.


Coolo announced roll-out of a native mail notifications in OBS. For build.opensuse.org it will replace hermes mails in the mid-term, but not before we have a UI to configure it and most likely event type by event type. The first step will be to send mails for review - which does not work at all with hermes (no support e.g. for by_group), then requests, and then slowly forwarding towards build failures.